CSS Image Replacement

CSS Image Replacement

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CSS Image Replacement is a web design technique that calls a logo or specific image via the CSS stylesheet, while hiding some text behind it on the web page.

The normal code for a logo would look like this:

<h1 class="logo">
<img src="images/logo.jpg" alt="logo name" />

Using the CSS Replacement technique, first you would create a CSS class that would look like this:

h1.logo {
width: 300px; height: 50px;
background: url(images/logo.jpg);
text-indent: -9999px;

And then you would call the logo on the web page with the following code:

<h1 class="main-logo">Logo name</h1>

The visual result would be the same in both cases, but with the CSS Image Replacement you would have the “logo name” text hidden in the page.

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